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When you come to Cyprus IVF Centre you’ll meet talented experts who all love their work. Some are organisers. Some are problem solvers. Some are IT geeks and some are our medical brains. But each of them knows their stuff and will work to the best of their ability for you.

Team Miracle is the result of 6 years of cooperation and teamwork treating over 9,000 patients as of January 2016.

It is comprised of five core members and a wider workforce of nurses, anaesthetists, embryologists, biologists, genetic experts, laboratory technicians, chauffeurs, chefs and other support staff who all work together to offer you a relaxing problem free treatment at Cyprus IVF Centre.

You may have heard about Team Miracle from a friend, on the internet via fertility forums or maybe through a Google search. However, regardless of how you arrived at this website, you will be wondering who we are.


Doctor Firdevs Uguz Tip

– Certified Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
– Obstetrician Gynaecologist
– IVF Expert

Dr. Firdevs is our devoted physician who is internationally recognised for her wide ranging medical experience, phenomenal academic credentials and contribution to research within the field of reproductive medicine, as well as for her success in treating some of the most challenging fertility cases from around the world.

Dr. Firdevs is seen as one of the best doctors in Europe, not just for her clinical expertise but for the compassionate care she provides to every single patient every day of the year. Her involvement helps to make Cyprus IVF Centre one of the best fertility clinics in the world.

In addition to treating fertility patients, Dr. Firdevs also carries out routine obstetrics, gynaecology and approximately 300 caesareans and normal births every year. This regular involvement in all stages of pregnancy and women’s health assists her with keeping an open mind and provides her with the ability to create dynamic medication protocols for the IVF treatment which are always renewed and kept up to date with the most recent advances in fertility medicine. This is why we pride ourselves on our fantastic success rates.

Medical Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
Head Physician, IVF Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

2008 – 2015 | Dogus IVF Centre
Leading IVF Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

2003 – 2008 | Ankara Training and Research Hospital
Specialisation in Women’s Health and Infertility

2001 – 2002 | Mersin State Hospital
Head of Coronary Care Unit

2000 – 2001 | Osmaniye State Hospital
Primary Care Physician

1994 – 2000 | Uludag University Medical Faculty
Medical Degree


Miss Julie Hodson

– Senior International Patients Coordinator

Julie is the head of our Clinical Coordination Team and plays an integral role in assisting our patients with the entire treatment cycle. Julie’s primary focus is communicating with patients from the very first enquiry until birth and beyond. She has a genuine concern and personal commitment to providing our patients with excellent care and the contribution she makes to patient care ranges from education and reassurance about fertility treatments to injection instruction and explanation of procedures.

Julie has been working with Team Miracle for 6 years and has dealt with thousands of patients in that time. She has a vast knowledge about all aspects of the IVF process, infertility issues and can assist with the emotional side of treatment due to her psychology training. Julie has had first-hand experience and assisted Dr. Firdevs with hundreds of egg collections, embryo transfers and caesarean births and this knowledge helps her provide full explanations and answers to all patient queries that may arise.

Prior to joining Team Miracle, Julie studied law for five years at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland obtaining an LLB degree, Honours and a Diploma in Legal Practice. She then completed 2 years legal training at the top Scottish commercial law firm. Julie moved to North Cyprus in May 2010 following many years of holidays to the island and started work as the original coordinator for Team Miracle in August 2010. Julie gave birth, with Dr. Firdevs, to her first child in June 2012 and second child in December 2014.

Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
Senior International Patients Coordinator

2010 – 2015 | Dogus IVF Centre
International Patients Coordinator

2008 – 2010 |Maclay, Murray & Spens LLP

2003 – 2008 | Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland/ Maastricht University, Netherlands
LLB Law, Honours Degree in Scots Law, Diploma in Legal Practice


Mr. Ümit İnak

– International Patients Coordinator and Patient Liaison

Ümit is our bilingual International Patient Coordinator and Patient Liaison as well as being our general “Mr Fix It”. Ümit is the main contact for patients while they are in Cyprus. His responsibilities include meeting patients on their arrival and guiding them through each stage of their treatment. He provides educational information in conjunction with Dr. Firdevs relating to treatments, procedures, medication and continuing care requirements. He will provide patients with updates from the embryologist regarding egg quality, fertilisation rates and embryo numbers.

Ümit ensures that each patient receives the best service possible by completing patient rounds, documenting care, providing full explanations of each step and outcome of the treatment at Cyprus IVF Centre. Ümit also collects information provided by patients regarding their care, administration and patient satisfaction and communicates this information to the appropriate departments within Cyprus IVF Centre hospital.

Ümit grew up in Istanbul, Turkey before moving to North Cyprus for university in 1997. He graduated from the faculty of Communication & Media Studies, Public Relations & Advertising department in 2001. Ümit moved to New York in 2001 after being head-hunted by a top advertising agency. In 2005, Ümit returned to North Cyprus and he became a member of Team Miracle in 2010. Ümit is fluent in both Turkish and English and he will help you through every minute of your time in Cyprus. He deals with a huge variety of things: from airport transfers to medication deliveries to requests for extra pillows at the hotel! Ümit is based at the hospital and you will meet him along with Dr. Firdevs at your appointments.

Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
International Patients Coordinator and Patient Liaison

2010 – 2015 | Dogus IVF Centre
International Patients Coordinator

2005 – 2010| Nike Stores Cyprus
General Manager

2001 – 2005 | SweetFace Fashion by Tommy Hilfiger and JLo
Marketing Executive Assistant – New York, NY, United States of America

1997 – 2001 | Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus
Bachelor Degree in Communication & Media Studies


Miss Nicole Smith

– International Patients Coordinator

Nicole is one of the more recent members to join Team Miracle, but don’t fear! She may be new to Team Miracle, but she is certainly not new to what she does and has known Julie and Umit in a professional capacity for a number of years. Nicole is experienced not only in medical coordination, but medical tourism as well and has spent her years in Cyprus working as a foreign patient relations coordinator in a large, internationally recognised hospital on the island. Having worked closely with doctors and specialists alike in nearly all medical departments to coordinate patient cases, care and understanding, Nicole’s compassion and genuine understanding of medical protocol ensures that even the most unsure of patients feels at ease with their care, even in a foreign country.

Nicole describes joining Team Miracle as an easy decision, ‘’IVF is a huge emerging market with many companies trying to break into it. However, so many of these new companies do not have the experience nor professionalism it takes to provide a top class and correct service which ultimately affects the patient. My only interest is my patients, so to join a strong professional company who are patient focused and provide a solid and genuine service is the only way forward for me.’’

Before moving into the medical profession, Nicole had a background in teaching and youth work and is a certified English Language teacher. Not only that, she speaks competent Turkish and is pretty good at French when the occasion calls!


Hakan Ciftci

– International Patients Coordinator

Hakan is the newest member of Team Miracle and is one of the most organised individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Hakan is based at the hospital full-time and so you’ll definitely get to meet him when you arrive in Cyprus for your treatment. He is expecting his first baby in August 2016 and therefore has first-hand experience with the emotions and hormones involved with pregnancy and conception!

Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
International Patients Coordinator

2010 – 2015 | Basman Group of Companies, Cyprus
Product Manager | Nike – New Balance – Vans – Tommy Hilfiger

2005 – 2010 | Girne American University, Kyrenia, North Cyprus
Bachelor Degree in Engineering & Architecture, Electrical & Electronic Engineering

David Shaw

International Patients Coordinator

Dave joins our team with a great deal of experience in both patient care and treatment. He has worked both in the UK National Health Service and also the private medical field for many years.

You may have seen Dave previously assisting at the London Fertility show in 2015 and 2016 before joining the team full time. He is now based at the hospital daily helping to improve every aspect of patient experience, clearly explaining procedures and results and answering any questions you
may have. Dave also takes comprehensive notes and acts as a key communicator to the rest of his Team Miracle colleagues, making sure that whatever your chosen treatment, it goes as smoothly as possible.

Experience and Education

April 2017 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
International Patients Coordinator

2015 – 2017 | Blatchford Group
Senior Specialist Orthotist

2011 – 2015 | Buchanan Orthotics

2007 – 2011 | University of Strathclyde
BSc (Hons) Prosthetics and Orthotics

Lynsey Shaw

International Patients Coordinator

Before joining Team Miracle, Lynsey studied at the University of Strathclyde from 2007 to 2012, and was a double graduate achieving both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in the field of biological sciences. After graduation, she embarked upon a highly successful career in academia, working as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. There she coordinated the MSc Forensic Science course, in addition to completing a variety of teaching for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, lecturing in both fundamental biology and chemistry as well as specialising specifically in the identification and analysis of body fluids. Her expertise in this area were further demonstrated by publication of several research papers in high profile scientific journals.

Experience and Education

April 2017 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
International Patients Coordinator

2012 – 2013 | University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Associate Lecturer

2012 – 2013 | Glasgow, Scotland
Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Academic Studies

2011 – 2012 | Glasgow, Scotland
MSc degree in Forensic Science

2007 – 2011 | Glasgow, Scotland
BSc degree in Forensic Biology


– German Patients Coordinator

Theresa is the German Patients Coordinator and is responsible for assisting our German speaking patients with the entire treatment cycle. She is the contact person for all German patients from the first enquiry until birth and beyond and is always trying her best to make our Team Miracle patients at Cyprus IVF Centre as comfortable as possible.

Theresa successfully completed her traineeship as a European Secretary and graduated from the faculty of Business Administration, International Business and Foreign Trade department in 2015 and followed her life partner from a small village in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany to beautiful Cyprus. She always loved children and has many years of experience in taking care of them, undertaking internships in paediatrics and neonatal units.

Theresa speaks German as her mother tongue. She is fluent in English and can also assist you with questions in Spanish. There is nothing you can´t ask her! She will be more than happy to help. Theresa will be at the hospital and she is looking forward to meeting you at your appointments.

Experience and Education

2016 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
German Patients Coordinator

2012 – 2015 | University of Applied Science, Worms, Germany
Bachelor Degree, International Business and Foreign Trade

2011 – 2012 | Cal State University, Fullerton, California, USA
Erasmus Exchange Program

2008 – 2010 | European School, Mainz, Germany
European Secretary


Tarkan Cevirgen

– Senior Clinical Embryologist

Tarkan Cevirgen, is our fantastic clinical embryologist, the only ESHRE certified clinical embryologist in the WHOLE of Cyprus! In order to qualify for the ESHRE examination, applicants must be an ESHRE member, hold a PhD or MSc in Natural Sciences, have at least six years’ hands-on experience with human gametes and embryos in a clinical ART lab and submit an authenticated logbook which states how many treatment cycles the applicant has performed (including the start and end dates of performance of each of the methods listed in the requirements). On top of fulfilling the requirements, the embryologist then needs to pass the extremely difficult ESHRE examination in order to gain the Clinical Embryologist certification. Team Miracle at thrilled to be able to say that we genuinely have the best embryologist on the island.

Tarkan was born in Mersin, Turkey in 1976. He received BSc degree in Biology from Hacettepe University, Ankara, in 1998 and MSc degree in Immunology from Medical School of Hacettepe University in 2005. He received Embryology certificate from Ministry of Health in Turkey in 2008. Tarkan then worked as a director of embryology laboratories in Nisan Kavaklidere in Ankara in 2010, Anadolu Hospital in Antalya in 2012, Gynolife IVF Centre and Kolan British Hospital in Northern Cyprus in 2014. He has been a member of Team Miracle since early 2015.

Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre
Head Clinical Embryologıst

2013 – 2014 | Kolan British Hospital
Head Embryologist

2013 – 2013 | Gynolife Tup Bebek Merkezi
Head Embryologist

2012 – 2013 | Universal Diyarbakir Hastanesi, Turkey
Head Embryologist

2010 – 2012 | Özel Anadolu Hastanesi, Antalya, Turkey
Head Embryologist

2010 – 2010 | Kavaklıdere Nisan Tüp Bebek Merkezi, Ankara, Turkey

2003 – 2005 | Hacettepe University of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
MSc degree in Immunology

1994 – 1998 | Hacettepe University of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
MSc degree in Biology


Ayse Liman

– Embryologist

Ayse is Tarkan’s right hand woman. She has extensive experience with vitrification and frozen gametes and specialises in the EmbryoScope Time Lapse Imaging System. Ayse provides the coordinators with regular updates on the embryo development to ensure that our Miracle patients are always fully informed at every stage of the treatment.

Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Centre

2013 – 2014 | Cyprus Famagusta IVF Centre

2012-2013| Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine)
MSc degree ın Medical Genetics

2009-2013 | University of Nottingham, UK
BSc degree in Human Genetics

2005-2009 | Bulent Ecevit Anadolu
Science IGCSE


Sibel Ocak

– Specialist IVF Nurse

Specialist IVF Nurse

Semra Bağrıaçık

– Specialist IVF Nurse

Specialist IVF Nurse

Pınar Özer

– Specialist IVF Nurse


Savaş Altuner

– Chauffer



– Chauffer